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Jack Dangermond talks about geodesign at TED2010

Geodesign at TED2010

Jack Dangermond talks about geodesign at TED2010.

3D Transit

Sketching Development in 3D

Sketching and analysis are demonstrated for a transit redevelopment project.


Geodesign: Past, Present, and Future

Geodesign thought leaders share how we got here, where we are today, and where the technology might take us.

Geodesign in Practice: Designing a Better World

The 12 articles in this e-book show how geodesign is fundamentally transforming the way we think about the world.

Introducing Geodesign: The Concept

This paper introduces the concept of geodesign and encourages the reader to play an active role in the development and expansion of this nascent field.

A Framework for Geodesign: Changing Geography by Design

Steinitz's framework for geodesign is intended to help the collaborating participants to achieve, in the words of the author, "practical benefits from geodesign."

Geodesign: Case Studies in Regional and Urban Planning

The 12 articles in this e-book show how geodesign is fundamentally transforming the way we think about the world.

The Role of GIS Technology in Sustaining the Built Environment

Written for those responsible for the form and condition of the built environment—regulators, policy makers, facility designers, owners, and managers—this e-book is a guide for achieving stewardship, sustainability, and savings for the built environment.

GIS in Education: Across Campuses, Inside Facilities

This e-book presents articles about GIS-based facilities management in schools and universities in areas including planning, portfolio management, operations, maintenance, security, compliance, and sustainability.

Articole tehnice

From Maps to Geodesign [ArcNews]

GIS: Designing Our Future [ArcNews]

Jack Dangermond explains his vision.

Harmonising Geography and Design [Geospatial Today]

Geodesign as a Return to the Potential of GIS [Vector1 Media]

Geodesign Promises a More Planned Future [Vector1 Media]