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What is INSPIRE?

In May 2007, the European Union ratified the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) directive with the goal of supporting member states in addressing pan-European issues by creating a network for the meaningful and efficient exchange of geographic information between data providers and users.

For more information about INSPIRE, see What Is INSPIRE?

What's the difference between the Esri Geoportal Server included with ArcGIS for INSPIRE and the one available on GitHub?

The Esri Geoportal Server included with ArcGIS for INSPIRE has all the same functionality as the one available on SourceForge except it has been configured and optimized for INSPIRE metadata and services.

Can ArcGIS for INSPIRE work with an existing Esri Geoportal Server, ArcGIS for Server Geoportal extension, or GIS Portal Toolkit implementation?

ArcGIS for INSPIRE is compatible with the Esri Geoportal Server and ArcGIS for Server Geoportal extension 10. Users of the ArcGIS for Server Geoportal 9.3.1 or earlier and the GIS Portal Toolkit will need to migrate to the latest version of the Esri Geoportal Server prior to implementing ArcGIS for INSPIRE.

How does ArcGIS for Desktop support INSPIRE metadata?

ArcGIS for Desktop supports managing INSPIRE metadata by maintaining the close ties between the data and metadata, such as auto-updating portions of the metadata. INSPIRE metadata created in ArcGIS for Desktop can be published to the Esri Geoportal Server component of ArcGIS for INSPIRE.

Are INSPIRE requirements relevant to organizations outside the EU?

Yes, because INSPIRE mandates affects almost all geographic information produced and managed by EU organizations. External organizations will have a significant advantage when dealing with EU (European Union) organizations if they are INSPIRE-compliant or INSPIRE-interoperable.

Is ArcGIS for INSPIRE available outside the European Union?

Yes. Contact your account manager or local distributor for more information.