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Esri S-57 Viewer

Does the Esri S-57 Viewer support S-63?

No, S-63 is not currently supported.

What version of the presentation library is supported?

Edition 3.2 of the S-52 specification is supported.

Can users expand the objects and attributes that the Esri S-57 Viewer can read and display?

Yes, there are control files that can be extended to accommodate custom fields. For additional information e-mail

Are S-57 update files supported?

Yes, the Esri S-57 Viewer can apply update files to the base cell when loading the S-57 dataset.

What are the known limitations of the Esri S-57 Viewer?

S-52 is the ENC Presentation Library and is not meant to display AML, IENC, or MIO data. The only data that will be displayed with S-52 is the data that also exists in ENC. That is to say, if your AML object (WRECK) is also supported in the ENC product specification then it should display the same way with S-52. If the AML object is not supported in ENC then it will default to an unknown symbol. S-52 is extensible so any AML objects that do not display can be added to the presentation library. S-52 is fully documented and explains how to do this.