Explore maps from Esri and thousands of organizations and enrich them with your own data to create new maps and map layers. Use these maps in the ArcGIS Online map viewer, in ArcGIS for Desktop and with the apps included with ArcGIS Online. Developers can add these maps to build web apps to provide rich geographic content for any mobile platform.


ArcGIS Online basemaps are designed to emphasize different views of our world, from physical to political. Through Esr'’s Community Maps Program, thousands of global ArcGIS users are improving the coverage and quality of these basemaps by contributing to their map data and imagery. Start with the basemap that's most appropriate for your project and then add your data.


With ArcGIS Online you get recent, high-resolution imagery for most of the world and near real-time data for parts of the world affected by major events. Different image layers let you explore the present state as well as changes over time. Intelligent layers enable you to restyle the imagery to highlight specific characteristics, such as healthy vegetation or impervious surface.

Demographics & Lifestyle Maps

Add more context to your maps with demographic and lifestyle map layers for the US and dozens of countries around the world. Show information about total population, family size, household income, median age, consumer spending, and more.

Reference Maps

Explore a diverse set of maps about the earth's biological and physical systems. From maps on ecoregions, vegetation, geology and soils to traffic, noise pollution, and wildfire activity, these reference maps provide geographic context for you to visualize your data on a map. Here are a few examples.

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