What's New in ArcGIS Online July 2014

You can find the complete list with links to more information in the ArcGIS Online Help.


Creating presentations is now part of the map viewer, giving you another way to share your maps and other information. Presentations are a collection of slides that can show basemaps, layers, pop-up windows, and specific locations, and can include titles.

Map Viewer

Many customers have asked for better support of related tables. For layers with related fields, you can now configure pop-up windows to show related records in a table.

You can also now create labels for a feature in a layer.

We've provided more routing options so now you get routes for driving and for walking. Walking routes take into account attributes in the routing networks to fit these situations, such as pedestrian walkways.


Spatial analytics add valuable insight in addition to visualization by providing tools and functions that let you work with your data to discover new information. We provide these analytics through both the user interface, for example the web map viewer, and for developers at the API level. Here are several new additions:

  • With the Calculate Density tool you can estimate a density surface from point or line features. This tool returns areas that are classified by calculated density values, for example crime incidents or risk of forest fires.
  • The Interpolate Points tool allows you to predict values at new locations, based on measurements from a collection of points of information. For example, it can be used to predict pollution levels at locations that don't have pollution measurement sensors and instead uses the information from other known sensors.
  • With the new Plan Routes tool, you can determine the most efficient way to route a fleet of vehicles that need to make many stops.
  • The Enrich Layer tool includes a data browser to make it easy to search and select data categories and variables. You can also search for a variable by typing a keyword in the search box. The tool also automatically sets the region based on your input data and keeps track of the number of variables selected. We also added 20 new countries to the Enrich Layer tool.
  • The Create Drive-Time Ares tool offers three travel modes. You can discover areas that can be reached within a given time or distance driving a car or truck, or walking.

ArcGIS Ready-to-Use Apps

  • Collector for ArcGIS now supports searching for features in a map and switching between offline basemaps.
  • Explorer for ArcGIS is available on Mac. Explorer on iOS now supports time-aware maps and has been localized in multiple languages.
  • The browser app for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS now supports feature actions on multiple features and map services as data sources.

ArcGIS Content

The Living Atlas of the World has been redesigned with an improved user experience and enhanced interactivity. The Living Atlas combines reference and thematic maps with topics relating to people, earth, and life. Explore maps from Esri, Esri partners, and thousands of organizations around the globe and enrich them with your own data to create new maps and map layers.


We are providing file-based storage for attachments in hosted features layers. Attachments included in hosted features layers are stored as files instead of features, reducing your organization's credit costs for storing feature services.

We know you want more options for importing and exporting your data, and to do this, we enhanced hosted features. You can import geodatabases as well as export individual layers from a hosted feature layer to a file geodatabase, CSV, or Shapefile. File geodatabase export includes all the tables and attachments in the layer.

When you publish a hosted tile layer from an existing hosted feature layer, you can now use a tiling scheme defined in any existing ArcGIS for Server-based tile layer instead of the default Web Mercator (used with ArcGIS Online basemaps).

ArcGIS Administration and Management


We published a new web site called trust.arcgis.com. This site is your one-stop resource for all security and privacy information and makes it easy for you to get current information. It is also a visible commitment on Esri's part concerning security and establishing trust with you – our customer.

ArcGIS Online is now security accredited and authorized for government use under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). FISMA Low accreditation ensures ArcGIS Online has been rigorously reviewed by a third party assessor for adherence to stringent security requirements as provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), providing assurance for even commercial and international organizations.

As part of the ArcGIS Online privacy compliance with TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal and EU Safe Harbor, password requirements have been strengthened. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one letter and one number.

Custom Roles

Custom roles now include privileges for using demographics, geocoding, GeoEnrichment, network analysis, spatial analysis, and ArcGIS Marketplace, giving administrators another fine-grained tool for managing credit usage.

A new role template is available with predefined privileges for students.

The page to configure roles has been redesigned to improve the usability of managing custom roles. Administrators now see the number of members assigned to each role and have more direct access to view information, edit, and delete custom roles. 


  • GeoForm is a configurable web app template that allows you to edit feature data in a form instead of a pop-up window. The template is available in the Early Adopter Templates group.
  • Map Journal is a configurable Story Map app template that allows you to present a map-based narrative organized into a set of journal entries. It is designed for creating compelling multimedia stories that combine text, graphics, and maps, and is a great template to use when you have a lot of text and detail you want to convey.
  • Basic Viewer, Simple Map Viewer, and Filter app templates now support feature search.