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Maintenance Term

How do I keep my maintenance current?

Esri Customer Service keeps a record of each customer's maintenance and will automatically notify you 120 days prior to your maintenance term expiration date and send you a quote 90 days prior to your maintenance term expiration date.

How do I know when my term starts?

The start date for standard commercial licenses is 30 days after the invoice date of the license, rounded up to the first day of the following month. The start date of Subscription and Term licenses is the date the order is processed.

I want to change my maintenance term. How can I do that?

If you need to change your maintenance term, contact Esri Customer Service. Some prorated charges may apply.

Maintenance Fees

Do I have to pay all maintenance fees up front?

Software maintenance fees are due and payable annually in advance. However, customers in the United States can request that software maintenance fees be paid quarterly or semiannually in advance, with an added service fee of 12 percent per billing.

Are there any maintenance fee discounts for Esri partners?

Esri partners in the United States should contact their local Esri regional office for pricing information on Esri partner maintenance.


I received a renewal quote from Esri Customer Service. How long is the quote valid?

The quote will be honored for 90 days from the date of issuance.

Eligible Products

Is the renewal quote the same as an invoice?

No. It is Esri's policy to send a quote to all customers who have current maintenance terms. Before Esri can generate an invoice, we need to receive authorization from you in the form of a returned, signed quote, a purchase order, payment via credit card or check, or an email response with authorization to invoice.

If I purchase new products, will my existing maintenance cover those new products?

Most products include one year of complimentary maintenance when the product is purchased. Once the complimentary year ends, maintenance must be paid on each product separately.

If I purchased multiple products throughout the year, will I get a separate renewal quote for each product?

No. Any additional products that you purchase will be prorated when the next maintenance term becomes due. This provides you with one maintenance anniversary date for all your products and allows you and your organization to plan and budget accordingly. Esri will issue one quote for all your products once every year.

I have received my Esri products as part of a donation or grant. Do I still get the first year of complimentary maintenance?

If you have received your Esri products as part of a donation or grant, the first year of maintenance is complimentary unless otherwise noted in your contract.

Technical Support

I want to contact Esri Technical Support and need to be an "authorized" caller for my organization. What is an authorized caller and how do I become one?

An authorized caller is an individual designated by your organization, who can contact Esri to request technical assistance, such as reporting software problems or requesting assistance with software use. You need to provide the name(s) of the authorized caller(s) to Esri Technical Support; however, you can change your authorized caller list at any time by notifying Esri Technical Support. If you do not notify Esri with the name of the authorized caller(s), the first person to call Esri to request technical support becomes an authorized caller.

International Support

I am an international customer. Can I get direct support from Esri in the United States?

Esri software customers outside the United States can receive technical assistance through their local Esri distributor. Please contact your local Esri distributor with any questions or for more details.

ArcGIS for Desktop Users

Are my ArcGIS for Desktop extensions covered by maintenance?

Most ArcGIS for Desktop extensions require separate maintenance, which is calculated by using the same rules that apply to ArcGIS for Desktop. Primary and secondary maintenance is offered for both concurrent use and single use ArcGIS for Desktop extensions. Maintenance for extensions cannot be purchased unless maintenance for the core product is purchased as well.

What is the difference between primary and secondary maintenance?
  • Primary maintenance provides customers with software updates, technical support, and for some types of licenses, complimentary registration to the Esri International User Conference. The number of complimentary registrations depends on the quantity and type of software licensing.

    Primary maintenance subscriptions include 12 months of technical support for one authorized caller and updates for one license. It is applicable to the first software license. For example, the first of every 10 ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced licenses and/or any of its extensions that you acquire is considered a primary license (i.e., copies 1, 11, 21, 31, and so on).
  • Secondary maintenance is offered at a lower cost and provides customers with software updates and technical support through the software license covered under primary maintenance. Secondary maintenance does not include authorized caller privileges or complimentary Esri International User Conference registrations. Up to nine licenses with secondary maintenance can be purchased for each license with primary maintenance.

You may choose to have any combination of primary and secondary maintenance subscriptions as long as a minimum ratio of one primary to nine secondary licenses is maintained. For example, you may choose to have additional primary maintenance subscriptions to acquire additional primary maintenance benefits, such as additional complimentary Esri User Conference registrations or added authorized callers.

Where do I find my customer number?

Your customer number can be found on your invoice, packing list, or on the cover page of your renewal quote. Alternatively, you can contact Esri Customer Service to request your customer number. Customers outside the United States should contact their local Esri distributor