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The Shopping Center Group: Localized Knowledge for Better Retail Experiences

The Shopping Center Group provides data analysis, sharing, discovery, and collaboration that can differentiate excellent opportunities from average ones. Read more

JLL: Connecting the Enterprise

GIS and location analytics democratize information and improve the accuracy and timeliness of decision making for more than 40,000 real estate experts, in 1,000 locations, in 70 countries. Read more

City of Zurich: Visualize Better Business Development

Every possible urban design solution can be considered and analyzed, and instant feedback can be provided with Esri CityEngine. Public organizations can save time and money by creating different scenarios before building even begins. Read more

Wendy’s Uses Mapping Software from California Firm Esri to Pick New Locations

Wendy’s real estate director John Crouse uses Esri Location Analytics to help him navigate data for the company’s almost 6,000 fast-food restaurants located around the United States. Read more

These Five Maps Will Change the Way You Think About Real Estate

You already know where your properties are located and what’s happening around them, but are you making the most of that knowledge? From commercial to residential and beyond, these five maps — and the technology used to create them — will change the way you think about real estate. Read more