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Collector for ArcGIS, o aplicatie mobila de colectare a datelor, faciliteaza captarea cat mai exacta a acestora si trimiterea lor la birou. Utilizatorii de pe teren folosesc harti web pe dispozitive mobile pentru a capta si edita date. Collector for ArcGIS functioneaza chiar si atunci cand nu exista conexiune la Internet si se integreaza, fara probleme, in ArcGIS.

Colectati si actualizati date in teren

Efficient data collection

Collector’s intuitive interface enables field workers of all experience levels with map-driven forms to capture and return accurate field data that integrates seamlessly into ArcGIS. For any asset or observation, you can document countless details using photos, videos, or audio recordings.

A single source of truth

Data captured with Collector feeds directly into ArcGIS, so everyone, in the field and the office, works from the same accurate data.  Your as-built infrastructure can be accurately documented to reflect reality as compared to what was planned.

No more paper forms

Free your workforce of the manual processes of collecting field data on paper forms that must be returned to the office, then translated into other systems. Collector streamlines these workflows, using smart devices to capture data in the field and seamlessly return it to the office.

Works anywhere, anytime

Add new assets and update existing GIS data in any environment, remote to urban, on your authoritative maps.  In connected environments, your data will feed directly into ArcGIS. In disconnected environments, it will reside on your device then sync as soon as connectivity is available. 

Improved data accuracy

Collector uses your device’s location service to identify your position.  Authoritative maps ensure field-captured location data, updates, and additions are accurate.  When required, achieve up-to-centimeter accuracy using a professional-grade or high-accuracy GPS receiver. Collector supports both options.

Cum functioneaza Collector for ArcGIS


Creati o harta in ArcGIS pentru proiectul dvs. de colectare a datelor. Proiectati formularul pentru colegii de pe teren.


Pe dispozitivul mobil, colectati in mod eficient date si observatii si efectuati inspectii. Colectati locatii exacte si completati formulare online


Datele colectate de pe teren reprezinta o sursa autentica de adevar pentru intreaga organizatie. Permiteti colegilor sa monitorizeze proiecte.


Studiu de caz

Sustineti comunitatea

Pinellas County din Florida a strans pentru cetateni 5,2 milioane de dolari, a intampinat dezastrele si a pregatit comunitatea pentru viitor.

Better together

Use other focused ArcGIS apps in combination with Collector for ArcGIS to be more productive and reduce costs in your field activities.

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Collector este total integrat in ArcGIS

In combinatie cu alte aplicatii ArcGIS, puteti maximiza eficienta fortei de munca de pe teren, pe o platforma in care puteti avea incredere, cu flexibilitatea de a rula date in cloud sau in propria infrastructura IT.

Familiarizati-va cu ArcGIS

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Momentan disponibil pe Android, iOS si Windows.