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Prezentare generala

ArcGIS Engine este o colectie de componente GIS si resurse de dezvoltare care pot fi integrate ce permit sa adaugati harti dinamice si capabilitati GIS in cadrul aplicatiilor existente, sau sa construiti aplicatii personalizate.

Programatorii utilizeaza ArcGIS Engine pentru a implementa date GIS, harti si scripturi de geoprocesare in aplicatii desktop sau mobile utilizand interfete de programare (APIs) pentru COM, .NET, Java, si C++.

You can use ArcGIS Engine to

  • Rapidly build GIS-enabled applications with out-of-the-box developer controls.
  • Create and draw graphic features, including points, lines, circles, and polygons, in your application to edit geographic data.
  • Perform geographic operations on shapes to create buffers; calculate differences; and find intersections, unions, or inverse intersections of shapes.
  • Solve and perform network analysis to find the best routes and the closest facilities and determine which routes should be assigned.
  • Effectively visualize and analyze surface and globe data in three dimensions.
  • Access and use software developer kits (SDKs), blogs, and tips and tricks in ArcGIS Resources.

ArcGIS Engine is part of the Esri Developer Network (EDN) annual subscription.

View demos of how ArcGIS Engine can be used.