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You can add even more capabilities to ArcGIS Engine with extensions.

3D Extension

This enables the visualization of data in 3D. The controls for SceneControl and GlobeControl provide the interface with multiple layers of 3D and global data for visualizing data and creating and analyzing surfaces.

Data Interoperability Extension

This eliminates barriers for data sharing by providing direct data access, as well as transformation and export capabilities, via geoprocessing tools. This extension enables your desktop applications to easily use and distribute data in many formats.

Geodatabase Update Extension

This provides the necessary components to build solutions that deal with data automation and compilation and the construction of complex geodatabase features.

Network Extension

This provides network-based spatial analysis capabilities including routing, travel directions, closest facility, and service area. The Network extension allows developers to create and deploy powerful custom applications for transportation, emergency response, fire, military, and a host of other purposes.

Schematics Extension

This provides components to manage schematic data and processes. The Schematics extension supports the analysis, display, and manipulation of schematic data.

Spatial Extension

This provides a broad range of powerful spatial modeling and analysis features that allow you to create and analyze cell-based data, perform integrated vector/raster analysis, and derive information about your data.

Tracking Extension

This allows you to display, analyze, and manipulate temporal data within your customized GIS solution.

Not sure which extension is right for you? Talk to your local Esri representative.