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What Content Can I Contribute?

The primary focus of the Community Maps Program is to add more detail and expanded coverage to existing basemaps, including

  • World Imagery—global imagery map with high-resolution imagery in selected areas.
  • World Street Map—multi-scale street map useful for geocoding, routing, and other applications.
  • World Topographic Map—multi-scale basemap designed for use as a reference map or for GIS professionals to add operational layers
  • Ocean Basemap—multi-scale basemap designed for the marine GIS community for bathymetry and surface and sub-surface feature names.

Each of these basemaps is built with content from multiple governmental and commercial content providers. Esri is working with the global user community to enhance these popular maps in order to provide the best available content.

The World Topographic Map is updated on a monthly basis. The World Street Map and World Imagery Map are updated at least twice annually. The Ocean Basemap is updated approximately every two months.

Below is a summary of the types of content you can contribute.

Community Map Desired Content
World Imagery
  • High-resolution imagery (i.e., 1 m or better) collected in the past 3 years.
  • Should improve upon the resolution or currency of the imagery in the current World Imagery map.
World Street Map
  • Detailed street map content (i.e., 1:50,000 scale or larger) for countries in regions where this content is not already available (e.g., Africa, Asia, or South America). See Street Map Template.
World Topographic Map
  • Detailed and local area basemap content for countries, regions, and cities where it is not already available. See templates for ArcGIS 10.0 and ArcGIS 10.1.
Ocean Basemap
  • Higher-resolution bathymetric content (i.e., 250 meter or better) collected in the past five years.
  • Should improve upon the resolution or currency of the bathymetry in the current Ocean Basemap. See the Ocean Basemap color style.

General considerations for any content you would like to share:

  • Format. Content should be available in an Esri software supported file format and coordinate system.
  • Redistribution. The contributed content must be available for royalty-free redistribution.
  • Metadata. Standard metadata describing the content, including publisher information and content characteristics described above.